Private courses

Scuba diving in Cyprus

Diving courses

Thinking about learning how to dive or wondering where you could improve your skills? Seabliss has personalised luxury diving courses on several different levels. A very special and sophisticated private course that starts from the moment you land at the airport.

Private courses | Seabliss
  • A comfortable ride from the airport to the diving destination
  • A delicious rich breakfast
  • Brilliant fresh fruit accompanied with cheering soft drinks
  • An unforgettable barbecue experience
  • And a perfect combination of swimming and fishing

VIP Treatment

We ensure you the perfect VIP service: a private course for a high-quality diving experience.

You are picked up by a premium transfer car at the airport and carried to the final destination: exploring the mysterious underwater world. Benefit from various supplies and complete your breathtaking experience with an unforgettable barbecue party. A satisfying journey including exploration, delicious food, refreshing drinks, and a perfect harmonious atmosphere. Taste the perfect combination of joy and luxury!

NAUI Certified

All our diving courses are certified by the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI), ensuring the quality and ethics of every experience. We accomplish every NAUI standard, guaranteeing that our courses provide you with the highest-quality dive training available. Get certified!