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Seabliss is a Cypriot company created in 2020 with the aim of providing premium diving experiences around the Cyprus coast. Our professional team works daily with a strong focus on minimising environmental impact, close relationships with clients, and a deluxe treatment to create a diving experience you will remember forever.

Captain Paris Eleftheriou

Paris Eleftheriou is an expert captain with vast knowledge in sea rescues and a deep diving background. He created all the rescue teams in Cyprus in 1990 and he has been the instructor of three international organizations, receiving national hero certificates from several governments. Born in Larnaca, in a family of professional divers and marine life lovers, there is none better to show you the amazing underwater landscape of the isle.

The perfect diving experience | Seabliss
Discover new worlds… underwater! | Seabliss

Discover new worlds… underwater!

Zenobia Wreck

MS Zenobia, with a length of 172m and a width of 28m, sank due to a technical misfortune in June 1980, with a 42m deep seabed at a distance of 1,400m from the Larnaca shore. This mysterious underwater beauty is, since then, one of the top ten wrecks in the world. Do not miss the opportunity of becoming part of history and dive with us to the Zenobia Wreck.

Diving experiences

Zenobia is one of the best sites, but not the only one you can discover with us in Cyprus. There are other interesting sunk ships, such as Alexandria Wreck and Elpida Wreck, and outstanding natural diving sites such as reefs, bays, and caves. Choose your favourite trip between the mystery of the wrecks and the excitement of the geographical features.

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Sunset parties

Missing good times with friends or family? With Seabliss you will be able to share an incredible journey with up to 35 people! Choose between private trips during the day or parties including barbecue and drinks, contemplating the sunset colours over the landscape of Cyprus.

Parties & Private boat trips
Share unforgettable moments | Seabliss